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Racing in Pittsburgh

​The love for sports doesn't end on the field in Pittsburgh, it pours in to the streets, parks and race tracks across the region.

The rolling hills, glistening rivers and seemingly endless bridges create the perfect backdrop to keep you moving. Whether you're looking to have a fun mile, tackle your first marathon, cycle some of the steepest hills in the city, or have some friendly competition on the water, Pittsburgh has what you're looking for.

Join the fun and get moving in Pittsburgh

GNC Live Well Liberty Mile Mid Summer

The fastest Road Race in Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh’s annual July evening one-miler. Compete in one of seven race heats, organized by category, including One for Fun, Kids of Steel, and a Pup Trot, in addition to the Masters Mile for runners 40 and up, the Unstoppable Mile where runners compete for a mile time of 8 minutes or less, and a men’s and women’s Pro Mile.

EQT Three Rivers Regatta Late Summer

The Regatta brings Pittsburgh’s famous three rivers to life. Complete with Jet Ski stunts, boat parades, vintage power boats, music, and more, the Regatta is a summertime Pittsburgh favorite. And with lots of entertainment off the water, there is truly something for everyone.

Pittsburgh Great Race Early Fall

For 41 years and counting, the Richard S. Caliguiri City of Pittsburgh Great Race has been an annual source of community and fun. It is the largest 10K race in Pennsylvania which also includes a 5K run/walk, a running clinic, the Junior Great Race, and lots more.

EQT Ten Miler Fall

Tour some of Pittsburgh's most iconic neighborhoods with this ten mile challenge. Runners will race through Downtown, the North Side, the West End, and the Strip District. This race promises a personal challenge and a fun experience.

Dirty Dozen Late Fall

Take on 13 of Pittsburgh's steepest hills in this bike challenge. Riders must bike up the hills in one motion without stopping or crashing to earn the prestige of being a Dirty Dozen finisher. The race includes the infamous Canton Avenue hill, which boasts a 37 percent grade and is speculated to be the steepest paved city street in the world.