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Wineries & Distilleries

Discover and explore Pittsburgh's unique drinking history!

In 1794, the Whiskey Rebellion was in full force because of farmers rebelling against the whisky task which in return made western Pennsylvania a hub for a lot of distilleries during that time. This changed when prohibition came into effect where it made it illegal to produce and sell alcohol.

Fast forward some years, in 2000 the whole state of Pennsylvania had only one distillery. Today, there is around 70 in the state with nine of those located in Allegheny County.

Whiskey Rebellion Trail

Spirits and history enthusiasts will love the Whiskey Rebellion Trail, a collaborative effort between dozens of craft distilleries and cultural attractions to provide education about the Pittsburgh region's role in this impactful era of American history. Specially curated itineraries and experiences take visitors through four cities (Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia) and their surrounding rural towns. Pass-holders receive product vouchers, discounted tours, museum admission and more.

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Whether you are looking for an airy, bright, and refreshing wine or an earthy whiskey, Allegheny County’s wineries and distilleries have you covered. Don’t have the chance to visit one of those sites? Many Pittsburgh area restaurants serve these locally produced wines and whiskies on their menus.

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