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Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries

The Pittsburgh area has a wet and wild "drinking history."

In 1794, western Pennsylvania farmers rebelled against a whiskey excise tax and caused a bit of a stir called the Whiskey Rebellion. Later, Pittsburgh became the home of the "shot and a beer", a.k.a. the Boilermaker, a potent mix of beer and whiskey that was often the drink of choice in mill town taverns at quitting time.

Today, Western Pennsylvania wineries work hard to produce a delightful array of fine wines to enjoy before, during or after your meal. Many Pittsburgh area restaurants and taverns feature these local wines.

Downing a frosty mug of cold beer has never gone out of style in this city and Pittsburgh micro-breweries like Penn Brewery and the Church Brew Works quench the demand in unique settings. In fact, Pittsburgh is becoming a hub for micro-breweries and has developed several craft beer experiences throughout the Pittsburgh area. Check out City Brew Tours and Pittsburgh Tours & More - they both feature a unique and exciting way to explore the Pittsburgh beer scene.

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