Welcome to Pittsburgh.

When you visit Pittsburgh, you become part of our community.

The experience of visiting Pittsburgh isn’t like that of other cities. When you arrive, you become part of our community. You’ll feel it almost immediately. It’s in the way our city opens up to you as you drive through the Fort Pitt tunnel. It's the connections that our bridges create. It’s the warm greeting and personal recommendations you’ll receive from locals. 

In short, Pittsburgh isn’t like most cities - we’re just a little bit different, in all the right ways. Pittsburgh is a city that's as unique as you. Not only that, Pittsburghers embrace what makes us each different. So what are you waiting for?

Pull up a chair. You are welcomed here.

Start planning your trip today! 

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  1. Friday, Jan 17

    High of 32°F / Low of 24°F
    8% chance of rain
    Foggy overnight.
  2. Saturday, Jan 18

    High of 45°F / Low of 28°F
    87% chance of rain
    Rain until evening.
  3. Sunday, Jan 19

    High of 37°F / Low of 18°F
    22% chance of rain
    Foggy in the morning and afternoon.
  4. Monday, Jan 20

    High of 29°F / Low of 18°F
    13% chance of rain
    Foggy in the morning and overnight.
  5. Tuesday, Jan 21

    High of 26°F / Low of 20°F
    9% chance of rain
    Foggy in the morning.