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Health & Safety Practices

Events and Gatherings

Occupancy limits for indoor and outdoor events and gathering are determined by venue occupancy limits. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania defines events and gatherings as “a temporary grouping of individuals for defined purposes that takes place over a limited timeframe, such as hours or days, including fairs, festivals, concerts or shows and groups that occur within larger, more permanent businesses, such as shows or performances within amusement parks, individual showings of movies, business meetings or conferences, or each party or reception within a multi-room venue.” 

Venues must require attendees to comply with 6-foot social distancing requirements, to wear masks or face coverings and to implement best practices such as timed entry, multiple entry and exit points, multiple restrooms and hygiene stations.  

Maximum Occupancy Allowable Indoor Rate
0-2,000 people10% of Maximum Occupancy
2,001 - 10,000 people5% of Maximum Occupancy
Over 10,000 peopleno events over 500 people
Maximum Occupancy Allowable Outdoor Rate
0-2,000 people15% of Maximum Occupancy
2,001 - 10,000 people10% of Maximum Occupancy
Over 10,000 people5% of Maximum Occupancy
up to 2,500 people

Updated November 23, 2020

Learn More:
 PennsylvaniaAllegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh’s COVID-19 responses

Entertainment Venues, Museums and Attractions

Occupancy levels at entertainment venues, museums and attractions are limited to no more than 50%. Timed ticketing is in place at most museums and attractions. Visitors are encouraged to check individual business' websites for their COVID-19 protocols.  

Learn More: More than 40 of Pittsburgh’s regional museum and cultural institutions have tirelessly worked together to safely welcome back visitors. The Welcome Back Guide covers everything you need to know before your next visit, like common on-site guidelines, practices to keep you and your family safe and more!  


Many hotels have implemented new health and safety standards, such as contactless check-ins, upgrading the sanitation process with electrostatic sprayers with ultraviolet light and hospital-grade disinfectants, prominent placement of hand sanitizer and more.

Learn More: Pennsylvania Lodging Promise, a set of voluntary commitments a hotel is making to its employees and customers during the COVID-19 recover period.

Restaurants and Bars

Indoor and outdoor dining is permitted at 50% occupancy, pending the successful completion of Pennsylvania’s self-certification process. Businesses are permitted to operate if they offer sit-down, dine-in meals or are serving take-out sales of alcoholic beverages.  

Learn More: Pennsylvania Restaurant Promise, a set of voluntary commitments a restaurant is making to its employees and customers during the COVID-19 recover period 

Food Services

Safe Service Allegheny is a safe space created by service industry, event and food & beverage professionals. Its mission is to provide food & beverage businesses, staff and customers with a reliable community committed to safety and resources to operate safely and successfully during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn More: Local businesses that have taken the Safe Service Allegheny promise.

David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC)

The Center has implemented the VenueShield Environment Hygiene Program. VenueShield was created by ASM Global, the world’s largest venue management & services company. 

Learn More: DLCC is getting back to business 

Pittsburgh International Airport

The Allegheny County Airport Authority is operating under its authority-wide initiative, PIT Safe Travels. The initiative, in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, boosts health and safety measures already in place throughout the facilities and includes enhanced protocols that outline best practices for reducing the spread of germs.

PIT, in partnership with TACKL Health, is now offering COVID-19 testing for public health and peace of mind. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and rapid tests will be administered in TACKL Health’s clinic in Concourse A across from A2.

Read More: PIT's frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic response


Many local transportation companies have made updates to their offerings, helping you easily navigate our neighborhoods and townships. Remember your mask for that next ride!

Keeping Downtown Clean

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership’s (PDP) Clean Team has increased its cleaning and sanitization of high-touch points and public spaces in Downtown while also acting as a friendly presence throughout the neighborhood. 

Learn More: PDP’s Clean & Outreach Teams