Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Festival of Firsts will electrify downtown with never-before-seen theater, dance, music, visual arts and immersive experiences.

This fall, Pittsburgh’s Cultural district will be home to the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts. This year’s festival is the largest ever, with more than 500 opportunities to be captivated, motivated, and changed. The festival feature theater, dance, music, visual arts, and immersive experiences from 30 international companies and artists from 20 countries. 

There is so much to see and do at the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts, you’ll want to keep coming back for more. Check out the event schedule and book your stay today! 


Festival Highlights

Beyond | Playmodes
"Beyond is an immersive, audiovisual installation by Barcelona-based research studio Playmodes that explores relationships between space, time, and perception. A geometrical architecture transforms space into a container for the abstract language of light and sound.

Cirque Éloize Hotel
Acrobatics, theatre, dance and live music, will draw spectators into a colorful, timeless world. Avant-garde stage design, inspired by the elegance of the great hotels, will carry the narrative. All that remains is to enter through the lobby door and get swept away by the grandeur and poetry of HOTEL.

Joan Didion's The White Album
“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Here’s one: It is 1968, and you arrive at a house party. A band is playing, some people are making out. You drink, you mingle, you dance. The White Album is theater meeting performance art unlike anything Pittsburgh has ever seen.

In the Tunnel | Gesher Theater
This gripping dark comedy finds two Israeli soldiers face to face with two Palestinians trapped in an underground tunnel. Enemies in a mousetrap they must confront their greatest fears in order to escape; will they kill or save each other? While life and death are at stake underground, on the streets above them a TV morning show is running live, playing out the customary political carnival. 

Mrs. Krishnan’s Party | Indian Ink Theatre Company
Mrs. Krishnan is renting an apartment to the overzealous wannabe DJ, James. James has invited a few friends into the back room of Mrs. Krishnan's dairy to celebrate Onam and the special surprise that her son has returned home for the holiday. But when 100 strangers turn up (you, the audience) and settle in, Mrs. K has no choice but to throw the party of her life! An immersive experience like no other, join the party with music, dancing and vegetarian Dah prepared live each performance. Come as you are or break out that festive sari.

NONOTAK | Noemi Schipfer & Takami Nakamoto
Nonotak studio is the collaboration between visual artist Noemi Schipfer and the architect / musician Takami Nakamoto. In early 2013, they started to work on light and sound installations, creating an ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environment meant to envelope the viewer, capitalizing on Takami Nakamoto's approach of space and sound, and Noemi Schipfer's experience in kinetic art. 

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is a non-profit arts organization that is dedicated to making Pittsburgh a place where the arts can flourish while highlighting and cultivating the arts and culture that can be found in the Pittsburgh region. The flagship project of the Cultural Trust is the Cultural District, a 14-block area in Downtown Pittsburgh in which theaters, restaurants, and galleries thrive as vibrantly as the community that supports them.

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