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Pittsburgh hotels have implemented new health and safety standards.

Many hotels have implemented new health and safety standards, such as contactless check-in, upgrading the sanitation process with electrostatic sprayers with ultraviolet light and hospital-grade disinfectants, prominent placement of hand sanitizer and more.

Pennsylvania Lodging Promise

Additionally, the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association has instituted the “Pennsylvania Lodging Promise.” The Promise, open to any hotel in Pennsylvania to join, is a set of voluntary commitments a hotel operator is making to its employees and customers during the COVID-19 recovery plan. Look for the Pennsylvania Promise sign for the assurance that the hotel has committed to taking the appropriate action to protect its employees and customers, as well as our community.

In accordance with Governor Tom Wolf’s Process to Reopen Pennsylvania plan, all businesses are required to follow state Health Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regulations for social distancing and cleaning. 

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