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The Pittsburgh Nosh

Take a foodie tour through Pittsburgh!

Stop 1: Gobs at Oakmont Bakery

Ever eat a Gob? If not, take a number and wait. It''s worth it! This Pittsburgh confection of perfection is served up at the Oakmont Bakery, a local favorite. Go for the Gobs, but don''t miss the Elvis Presley peanut butter-and-banana cupcakes, the Orange Creamsicle cupcakes or the homemade Snoballs. Truly a breakfast of champions!

Stop 2: Pierogies at The Bloomfiled Bridge Tavern

Bloomfield is known as Pittsburgh''s Little Italy, but the neighborhood can satisfy other cultural cravings, too. The Bloomfield Bridge Tavern is a bastion of Polish pride. Your cultural immersion begins in the parking lot, which is decorated with tributes to Polish heroes and communities. Inside the BBT (as it’s known by locals), you’ll sample the ultimate Polish comfort food, Pierogies!

Stop 3: Pickles at Senator John Heinz History Center

Henry John Heinz started his food business by grating horseradish in his basement and selling it door to door. Many years and products later, the H.J. Heinz company is known world-wide for its many quality food products. Take a seat in the Senator John Heinz History Center (grandson of H.J.) and sample pickle with a twist!

Stop 4: Italian Wedding Soup at Allegheny Harvard-Yale-Princeton Club

Step inside one of the oldest buildings in the city and taste a Pittsburgh tradition. The "wedding" in the name comes from the soup''s Italian origins and the "marriage" of the meatballs and the greens. Western PA folks of Italian/American descent claim this soup is an "energy fortification" to the newly married couple in order to sustain them through the first night of wedded bliss.

Stop 5: Banana Splits at Klavons Ice Cream Parlor

David Strickler, a soda jerk back in 1904 at Tassell Pharmacy in Latrobe, PA, is credited as the inventor of the banana-based triple ice cream sundae. And what better place to try the treat than Klavon’s, a genuine Art Deco ice cream parlor. Owned by the same family for generations, the folks behind the vintage counter are happy to dish out a story along with their handmade confections.

Stop 6: Pretzels at Pittsburgh Pretzel Sandwich Shop

We''re not claiming that pretzels were invented in Pittsburgh, but we are claiming that The Pittsburgh Pretzel Sandwich Shop is the best in the country. This South Side staple is located on Carson Street, one of the oldest and most interesting streets in Pittsburgh. As The Pretzel Shop is a take-out-only establishment, take your pretzel and explore the Shouth Side.

Stop 7: Devonshire Sandwich at The Onmi William Penn Hotel

This open-face chicken or turkey sandwich was invented in Pittsburgh in 1936 by Frank Blandi at his first restaurant, The Stratford. Devonshire sandwiches have been featured on the "Food Network" and are served up today in the beautiful Terrace Room at the historic Omni William Penn hotel.

Stop 8: Primanti Sandwich at Primanti Brothers

Possibly the most famous food to come out of Pittsburgh, the Primanti sandwich is the legendary concoction that layers meat, cheese, slaw and fries between two slices of very hearty bread. The sandwich was ordered for the first time in the 1930s in the original Strip District location. The story goes that the fries and slaw were put on the sandwich so busy truckers could eat a whole meal quickly. Today, there are 14 Primanti Brother's restaurants in Pittsburgh and two in Florida.