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Story Ideas

Lots of cool stuff happening here. These only-in-Pittsburgh stories are evergreen and ever interesting.

The Warhol Launches Inclusive Audio Guide
The Andy Warhol Museum announces the launch of its inclusive audio guide Out Loud developed in collaboration with the Innovation Studio at Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. Out launches on site October 25, 2016. Out Loud is designed to be inclusive of museum visitors across abilities. For users who are blind or have low vision, it offers location-based content, screen reader optimization, and enlargeable text. It includes visual descriptions of Andy Warhol artworks and stories about Warhol’s life, including archival audio.

Carnegie Science Center expanding
The Carnegie Science Center is planning a $21 million project that includes the construction of a pavilion for science education programs and exhibits. The new science pavilion would advance the science center with world class exhibits, events and programs assured to attract increased tourism to Pittsburgh. The construction is set to start in October and finish by June 2018.

Anything But Small
Of the many unique culinary attractions in Pittsburgh, Smallman Galley of the Strip District is one of the newest and brightest. The Galley is set in a rustic food court atmosphere and is currently housing four unique chefs testing concoctive plates in the intention to open a restaurant of their own. Every 18 months the chefs are replaced making the Galley a perfect place to frequent for new pioneering menus.

The Frick Pittsburgh
The Frick Pittsburgh will present Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear October 21, 2017–January 14, 2018. The exhibition is organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum and is traveling internationally from 2014–2017. At this time, the Frick will be the only US venue. This exhibition will look at the history of private and intimate clothing—from corsets to court dress and boudoir wear to bustles. It explores the manipulation of the body and the importance of foundation garments to the fashionable silhouette. The majestic shapes of 18th-century mantuas, the distorted hourglass shapes of the Victorian and Edwardian eras and Dior's "New Look" were all dependent upon elaborate corsetry, technologically complex petticoats, hoops, and padded underpinnings. It is only since the 1960s that people have been expected to embody the fashionable ideal by way of diet and exercise, and without the aid of foundation garments, so understanding underwear is fundamental to our appreciation of fashion history.

Green Scene
Soon to join the large Pittsburgh LEED Platinum family this year will be the Frick Environmental Center. Constructed with local and environmentally safe materials, the building will use 40% less energy than a typical building its size and be powered completely by solar energy. The building will serve as a welcome center to the park as well as an educational tool in innovative environmental health and design. It is the only "living building" in the world that is free and open to the public.

Voyage on
The Voyager, hybrid- diesel-powered boat is set to relaunch under the new ownership of Rivers of Steel. The boat has hosted educational programs for thousands of students, from elementary to college. Docked near the Carnegie Science Center on the North Shore, the plans for the boat include continued educational programs as well as charter events and sightseeing tours.

City of Asylum
Since 2004, Pittsburgh's North Side neighborhood has been home to "City of Asylum," a program that gives exiled writers a furnished house, a living stipend, a medical coverage and help in transitioning to potentially permanent exile. Writers from China, El Salvador, Burma and other strife-ridden nations come to Pittsburgh after political threats, imprisonment and even torture in their native countries. The home is boldly inscribed with the words of defiant writers from around the world. The 19th Century building speaks for the writers who live and work there.

From Mining to Meadows
Pittsburgh Botanic Garden has transformed 460 acres of abandoned mining land into the fifth largest botanic garden in the U.S. Visitors can enjoy three miles of trails with a one mile ADA-accessible trail; a play-and-discover area for families; lotus pond; dogwood meadows and a historic farmstead featuring a 1700s log cabin and apple orchard. Located 10 miles west of the city, the garden includes 18 distinct gardens, five diverse woodland experiences, a visitor's center, an amphitheater for outdoor concerts and performances, a celebration center to accommodate weddings and corporate events and a center for botanic research.

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