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  • 2215 Wylie Ave.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Category: Landmarks
  • Sub-Category: African American History Guide
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West Funeral Home

Brief History

Started by Thomas L. West in 1932, West Funeral Home was one of the first black funeral homes in the Hill District. It was previously located at Soho and Centre avenues and 2216 Centre Ave. Mr. West made an agreement with the owners of Greenwood Cemetery (in O'Hara Township) to bury the first African-American in that cemetery which lead to the opening for all other black-owned funeral homes to follow suit. Greenwood may arguably have the largest and oldest African-American burial site in Pittsburgh. West's current structure was built in 1970 and is now the oldest remaining funeral home in the Hill.

Condition/Architectural Notes

Modern purple brick building (1970)