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Erroll Garner

Musician and composer best known for "Misty." Was a professional pianist at age seven over KDKA radio. After high school, was featured with the Slam Stewart Trio. Later he formed his own trio, and appeared at the Paris Jazz Festival in 1948. Was the first jazz artist presented by impresario Sol Hurok, and was among the first to give concerts in the outdoor circuits. Tours included a number of European visits, concerts, television appearances and live venues including the Seattle World's Fair. Other popular song and instrumental compositions include "Dreamy," "Solitaire," "Blues Garni," "Trio," "Turquoise," "Other Voices," "No More Shadows," "Passing Through," "Dreamstreet," Theme from A New Kind of Love, "Paris Mist," "Play, Play, Play" and "Erroll's Bounce."