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  • 2001 Wylie Ave.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Category: Landmarks
  • Sub-Category: African American History Guide
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Ebenezer Baptist Church

Brief History

Providing spiritual and moral leadership, Ebenezer Baptist Church was a popular social gathering place in the Hill District. It was the first church edifice in western Pennsylvania owned by black Baptists, who built their first church in 1882, after being organized in 1875. The first pastor was Rev. R. Henry Marshall. By 1896, there were 600 members. In 1914, the church was moved from its first site at Colwell and Miller Streets to its present location, and the current church was built in 1930 and 1931. This church stands as an early example of the organizational cohesiveness of the black community in Allegheny County, and particularly the Hill.

Condition/Architectural Notes

New structure. The former church, a neo-Gothic structure (1930-31), burned in a fire in 2004.