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Passionate Pittsburgh

Proud to be the a city for all champions, big and small.


Pittsburgh is home to 16 world championships, solidifying its reputation as an iconic sports town. It is no wonder why the "City of Champions" has been named among the top places to be a sports fan, as the entire city rallies around the (hashtag) #BurghProud. #BurghProud was created as a way for Pittsburgh’s professional sports franchises to show support to each other during games and unite Pittsburgh fans from around the world via social media. The hashtag has made more than four million impressions.

Professional Sports Franchises

Pittsburgh's five professional sports franchises do more than just bring home championships. All of the teams are heavily involved in giving back to the community. In addition to partnering with charitable organizations, most teams have their own charities such as Pirates Charities and Penguins Foundation or player-affiliated charities like the Mario Lemieux Foundation, Ben Roethlisberger Foundation and many more who give back to the community who support them.

Adaptive Sports Groups

Pittsburgh offers a variety of adaptive sports groups and facilities to enhance the effectiveness of these groups. Groups such as Three Rivers Adaptive Sports and the HOPE Network provide quality year-round sports and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities, ultimately promoting a healthy and productive lifestyle. There are also more competitive groups like the Pittsburgh SteelWheelers, who have won multiple championship titles and sent athletes to the Paralympics.