Violins of Hope Greater Pittsburgh

2023 7 Oct
recurring event

Pittsburgh has long been known as the City of Bridges, with a multitude of these unique and colorful structures that connect communities and our diverse backgrounds. These connectors have enabled us to come together to celebrate shared cultural, educational, social, and vocational activities.

How better to underscore these shared values than through a landmark collaboration of the arts, religious institutions, community organizations, education professionals, and musicians. Violins of Hope Greater Pittsburgh will present impactful programming throughout our community, reinforcing the valuable lessons of diversity, equity, and inclusion that are essential to our future.

Over the course of two months, through educational and cultural programs and exhibits, this unique project will, through lessons of the Holocaust, demonstrate humanity’s amazing ability to rebound from even the darkest depravity. The centerpiece of this event is the Violins of Hope Exhibit, which showcases violins played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. Each instrument has a unique emotional history that tells a story of perseverance and hope.

As a community that has already experienced attacks of hatred and division, Pittsburgh is especially sensitive to the need for unity. Thus, it is our hope that this landmark project will bring our community together, tuning out prejudice and building bridges that last.

Upcoming Dates For This Event:

  • Saturday, October 7
  • Sunday, October 8
  • Monday, October 9
  • Tuesday, October 10
  • Wednesday, October 11
  • Thursday, October 12
  • Friday, October 13
  • Saturday, October 14
  • Sunday, October 15
  • Monday, October 16
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  • Wednesday, October 18
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  • Friday, October 20
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  • Thursday, October 26