Homewood Experience

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The Homewood Experience:


Our primary focus is to reframe perceptions, shift the narrative, highlight positivity, and amplify the voice of the community through community storytelling and visual art.

The Homewood Experience brought to you by Soleil Branding Essentials and Pyramid Pgh LLC in partnership with Neighborhood Allies and the Homewood Community Development Collaborative offers a blended approach to community engagement, business development, sustainability, cultural integrity all under the guise of an authentic branding narrative that preserves the history and pride of the Homewood Community.


Artwalk - A Curated Art Experience

Art doesn't merely add color. It adds context to a growing conversation which is why the Artwalk invites residents and visitors to explore the history, culture, and hope of Homewood. Lead by Homewood native and dynamic artist, Camerin “Camo” Nesbit alongside three talented local artists, Janel Young, Juliandra Jones, and Kamara Townes, the Artwalk boasts of Black pride and excellence which are the foundation of Homewood’s past, present, and future.

Mural Name: Black Te Fiti (Mural Photo #1 above)

Artist: Camerin “Camo” Nesbit

Description: Black Te’ Fiti is inspired by the Disney character, Te’ Fiti, in the film Moana whose power and abilities are to create life through the power of the heart.

Black Te’Fiti represents the strength, power, and life-giving ability that rests in Homewood.

Mural Name: Homewood is Love, Hope, Faith,Family (Mural Photo #2 above)

Artist: Janel Young

Description: Located on the Student Achievement Center on Brushton Ave., the artist captured both youthfulness and some of the core values of Homewood.

During our surveying, each of these words was used by various residents to describe our community.

Mural Name: Homewood Bulldog (Mural Photo #3 above)

Artist: Juliandra Jones

Description: Boasting with the community and school pride, the Homewood Bulldog mural can be found at the entrance of Westinghouse School, a historic landmark on N. Murtland St.

Mural Name: Homewood is Black Joy (Mural Photo #4 above)

Artist: Camerin “Camo” Nesbit, Kamerin Townes

Description: A vision from our Artwalk Coordinator and Lead Artist, Camo, that reminds us that our youth are kings and queens and that even through adversity joy and laughter must be harvested.

Mural Name: Homewood Is Home (Mural Photo #5 above)

Artist: Camerin “Camo” Nesbit

Our core messaging piece of the project, Homewood is Home lives at the Bible Center Church. There were several themes that resonated during community surveying which are beautifully depicted in each letter of HOMEWOOD :
H - is for growth, but also embodying beauty and gardening
O - represents the business individuals cutting the ribbon to open a new business
M - Hearts for Love and Community
E - kids gardening and beautifying their neighborhood
W - the Homewood Harambee Festival full of arts and culture
O - the strong faith/church presence of the community highlighting our host church, The Bible Center
O - kids building with blocks to represent future of growth in the community
D - our appreciation of essentials workers during the pandemic in which this project was birthed

Walk of Fame

As a way to honor and uplift the neighborhood's heritage and culture, The Homewood Walk Of Fame, an extension of the Homewood Wall Of Fame located in historic Westinghouse High School, will honor Homewood Heroes by displaying banners in the business district along N Homewood Ave from the Busway up to Hamilton Ave, along with QR codes for each banner so visitors can learn more about each Homewood Hero.


To effectively amplify the voices that represent the authentic narrative of the Homewood community, our Docu-Short will incorporate community testimony and vision that allows our community to own this narrative articulated by community influencers. The residents identified these influencers to provide a grassroots context to the evolution of Homewood, its history as well as the vision and interpretation of the future for Homewood!


Continuing to pull on the power and talent within Homewood, we've partnered with the YMCA Lighhouse Project to produce a dynamic soundtrack for the Homewood Experience.