What are you doing for Worldwide InstaMeet 11?

Why Not Celebrate the One Year Anniversary of @SteelCityGrammers!

Photography has seen an explosion in the past year thanks to the wildly popular app, Instagram. With all smart phones basically becoming cameras these days, it's hard not to see people taking pictures almost everywhere you go in the city! Enter the local and popular Instagram group; @SteelCityGrammers!

A little over a year ago, a few locals who had been following each other on Instagram, started meeting up in various spots around the city united by their love for Pittsburgh and their passion for photography. After a few gatherings, the group decided that they wanted to curate a Feature Account for Pittsburgh. This involved selecting photos that show off various views of the city. The group also decided that having meet ups, known as InstaMeets, would be a great way for people in the city who shared a passion for photography, to get out and meet other like-minded people!

The group's first official InstaMeet was held in the town of Braddock, and nearly 35 people came out on that rainy March 2014 day to meet up, talk, and explore together. Since then, @SteelCityGrammers have held a few other InstaMeets, with more than 300 people coming out to take part in the camaraderie!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of @SteelCityGrammers, that happens to coincide with Worldwide IntaMeet 11, the group is taking it back to where it all started: Braddock. The InstaMeet is this coming Saturday, March 21, at 3:30pm with everyone meeting outside of the Carnegie Library located at 412 Library St in Braddock. The event is family friendly (they've had kids as young as 10-60 be part of the group!) and a great way to get out and meet the @SteelCityGrammers and others who love to take pictures no matter the experience level!

Recently, the @SteelCityGrammers have been gaining a lot of attention in the community for their passion for the city as well for their photography. They recently found themselves working with the Carnegie Science Center and the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh for special behind-the-scene photo sessions. They also have a few other exciting events in the works, one of which involves working in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership for a pop-up Art Show celebrating photographers from this city! So you'll want to stay tuned, you'll be hearing a lot more from this group!

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