Traveling to Sochi? Stop by Pittsburgh!

As the 2014 Winter Olympics get closer, the world is starting to learn a little bit more about the host city, Sochi.

Located on the Black Sea, Sochi is at the western edge of Russia.

So, why are we here in Pittsburgh interested in Sochi?  Well among all the possible reasons, we recently found out (via a Twiiter friend @WickPhoto) that if you are in Sochi (for any reason) you have the opportunity to stop by Pittsburgh! 

What do we mean?  It turns out that there is a Bar named "Pittsburgh" in Sochi! Not only is the establishment named for our city, but it is totally themed with replicas of iconic skyscrapers, photos and probably a terrible towel or two.  

Check out the facade of the establishment for yourself using Google Street View, or  see @WickPhoto's photos from his recent visit.