Tips for Saving Bucks in the 'Burgh

I'm thrifty. I like to save a buck or five where I can. Thus, you have me sharing my "Cheapo McCheapskate Tips to Saving Bucks in the Burgh."

I'm thrifty. I like to save a buck or five where I can. Thus, you have me sharing my "Cheapo McCheapskate Tips to Saving Bucks in the Burgh." Note that this title is not an official name to my thrift list, but something that just came to me now.

Now, class...Let's get started. OK, you'd like to use the restroom before we get started, you say? Well, go into any Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh to use their facilities. You won't have to buy anything, and may even come out a bit smarter.

First stop: a Pirates game at PNC Park. Make sure to buy a bottle of water (or two if it's hot) from the vendors on the Downtown side of the Roberto Clemente Bridge. They're only $1 each. And, they're icy cold. The vendor will even give you a bag to carry them across the bridge. Oh, important note here...DON'T open the bottle before going into the park or you won't be able to take it in. Thems the rules.

Next up: Music, sweet music. Head to Stage AE for an outdoor show. And I mean outdoor. So outdoor that you're not actually IN Stage AE, but rather outside, across the street where you can listen to the sweet sounds of music emanating from over the wall. You don't even need to bring your own chairs. The benches located outside of nearby Bettis Grille do nicely, thank you very much.

Harris Grill Bacon Night

Who's hungry for bacon? Uhh, who's not? Well, belly up to the bar at Harris Grill because Tuesday is Bacon Night...Harris Grill is so serious about Bacon Night that they even trademarked that sucker! (Hmmm...note to self: Search for trademark on "Cheapo McCheapskate Tips to Saving Bucks in the Burgh"). But back to mmm bacon...Baskets of bacon for $1 and free bacon at the bar. That's right. FREE BACON AT THE BAR. Enough said.

Take the T - as in the Port Authority of Allegheny County's Light Rail System - for entertainment. Yup. That's right. When it comes to spending time with a four-year-old granddaughter, a ride on the T from Station Square to South Hills Village is a fun and cheapo way to spend part of the day...well, cheapo until you make the mistake of checking out the Disney Store where there is an ocean of All Things Frozen to chill Papa Paul's wallet.

Pittsburgh's Penn Station

One more quick Cheapo McCheapskate Tip, class. And this is rather remarkable - for the fact that it is nothing short of awesome and totally free. The Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation offers free, one-hour architectural walking tours every Friday beginning at noon in downtown Pittsburgh. They begin in the spring and run through the fall; and they are awesome. July's Free Friday Walking Tour will cover Grant Street and Mellon Square. Come August, it's the Bridges and River Shores Tour. All you have to do is show up at the pre-appointed location! Easy, architectural peasy!

OK, everyone. So concludes this edition of Cheapo McCheapskate Tips. No need to tip your instructor here, just take full advantage of my spendthrift ways and save yourself some bucks to do other fun stuff in the 'Burgh!