Rise of the Autopods

What happens when you need to get to class on time with your backpack, camera bag and your final project for that sculpture elective?

The AutoPods are coming!

Yep, it sounds ominous but the reality is nothing if not Pittsburgh-positive as well as environmentally friendly.

Can't carry everything at once all the way across campus? ...then call an AutoPod. Leave it to a few industrious Carnegie Mellon graduates, Tanuj Apte, Deepak Vidhani and Arya Tabatabai to develop a clever app-directed micro-transportation startup. An AutoPod ride makes your short trip across campus or around downtown Pittsburgh convenient and easy. The birth of AutoPods began as a student-run Uber-style taxi-cab-like service catering exclusively to the Oakland/Shadyside neighborhoods and primarily serving university students and faculty. The continued growth in usability and popularity of the AutoPod transportation system has brough them to downtown Pittsburgh.

AutoPods was conceived around the idea of micro-transportation. Basically, that is the short-distance transport that everybody needs to do things like daily errands or even running out for lunch. With environmental conservation as a cornerstone, AutoPods maintains a unique and growing fleet of electric "pedicabs" which produce ZERO tailpipe emissions. So when you're riding in an AutoPod, you're helping to save the environment, while you arrive in style. Cool, huh?

A basic app-dispatched and paid for ride costs between $5 and $8. You can even call to book an AutoPod as your own personal tour vehicle at $30 per hour. What a fantastic way to see the sights of Pittsburgh the way you want to and at your own pace!