There once was a time when I was pleased when told I didn't sound like a Pittsburgher.

And this was way, way before the 'Burgh received international notoriety from Gawker.com, which bestowed a bonafide, if not bogus, bragging right upon the city last fall with this amazeballs announcement: "Dear Jagoffs, Pittsburgh Officially Has The Ugliest Accent in America."

And to this dubious honor, I say all Seth Meyers-style: REALLY?! When there's New York to consider? Philadelphia? Frickin BOSTON? Really?!

But that is water over the proverbial verbal dam. Back to Pittsburghese and all of its Stiller-lovin, dahntahn-livin, Primanni-eatin splendor.

So yes, I grew up with dippy eggs, gumbands, slippy streets (no sidewalks in the suburbs), jaggoff brothers (well one anyway) and many a nebby neighbor. N'at.
And, yinz guys, ya know what? That's cool. More than cool, it's special-Mister Rogers special. Search on "unique Pittsburgh dialect studies" and you'll find scores of academic research on our specialness, including these two: "Mobility, Indexicality, and the Enregisterment of 'Pittsburghese'" and "Pittsburghese Shirts: Commodification and the Enregisterment of an Urban Dialect." (Note to special self: Find out meaning of 'enregisterment.")

And look at Curt Wootton, better known as Pittsburgh Dad. The Yinzer-extraordinaire is a local celebrity and growing brand, thanks to his You Tube channel and bits like "Super Bowl? Yeah, great. Patriots are in it again. It’s like Grahndhog Day. Yinz ever see that movie with Bill Murray?" (Episode "Dad Reacts to Super Bowl XLIX & Deflate-Gate" has 126,605 views, btw.)

Pittsburgh Dad

Seth Meyers, whose dad is from Sliberty-er East Liberty-was promoting his Late Night show on WPXI and noted that his dad talks about Pittsburgh the way Braveheart talks about Scotland. Later, Meyers proclaims the Pittsburgh accent as an "acquired taste" and riffs on it with show guests and Pittsburgh natives Zachary Quinto and Joe Manganiello.

Just now watching the Pirates game, roving reporter Robby Incmikoski, was telling a story about Clint Hurdle visiting the "liberry." I'm guessing Incmikowski is a hometown kid. I'm hoping he doesn't tell me to git autta tahn or push me in a jagger bush, yinz guys. 

It's a 'Burgh Thing, N'at!