Pittsburgh is Picklesburgh!

I could sure use a good, briny, sun-kissed pickle right about now!

It's a good thing that it's almost that time of year again -- Picklesburgh! The Picklesburgh annual festival is quickly becoming a Pittsburgh favorite, returning in 2017 for its third year.

The festival runs for two days, Jul 28-29 on the Rachel Carson Bridge. You won't be able to miss it, and you're sure to be dill-ighted!

So, What's the Big Dill? 

You may be wondering - "What exactly IS Picklesburgh?" Well, my friend, I'm glad you asked. Picklesburgh is a dill-icious two days in Downtown Pittsburgh where the Rachel Carson Bridge transforms into pickle central. Why pickles? Well, you may be suprised to know that Pittsburgh has a long pickle history that is still embraced to this day. Let the giant pickle balloon, modeled after the well-known Heinz pickle pin, guide you to Picklesburgh where you'll want to “relish" in all things pickle.

The main attraction for many is the pickle-themed culinary experience. Of course there are your classic pickles, but the festival also plays host to pickle cocktails, pickle-themed snacks like popcorn and ice cream and international foods that utilize traditional pickling methods.

Some fan favorites include pickle Italian ice, dill pickle bubble tea, a bacon wrapped, deep fried pickle, pickle pierogis and peanut butter pickle cookies.

Pickles are, obviously, the highlight of the event, but the celebration goes beyond our vinegar-ed friends. It also includes an array of international dishes, prepared foods, and artisan cocktails that feature pickled ingredients. Picklesburgh embraces the farm-to-table movement with events during the festival centered around home canning, handcrafted food, informative and interactive food demos, as well as author lectures.

There's plenty to keep you entertained while you're chowing down. Local musicians fill the festival with a variety of music styles, and if you want to be a part of the entertainment yourself, try entering one of the fun pickle competitions like the pickle-juice drinking contest.

Picklesburgh Festival on the Rachel Carson Bridge

And no worries, the little ones aren't forgotten at Picklesburgh. Stop by the Lil Gherkins Activity Area for free crafts and activities each day from 12-8pm.

You can also use Picklesburgh as a reason to shop small and shop local! The nearly 20 vendor booths include goods for sale such as pickled items, books, pickle merchandise and do-it-yourself products. Before heading home, take something pickled with you. Opt for a jar of pickled vegetables or a glass pickle ornament, or maybe pickle jewelry, magnents, lip balm, pottery, handbags are more your style. Finding your new favorite pickle item while supporting local businesses is a great reason to visit Picklesburgh.

Picklesburgh is for everyone - the pickle fanatics and the pickle curious. Take a minute to watch the quick video below for more great information about how to enjoy Picklesburgh this summer. You won't want to miss the fun facts such as the story of the Heinz pickle pin!