One Weekend, Too Much Fun

So I say to my bus friend, T.C., this morning: "You should try to go... Nope, scratch that. You need to go to Market Square – at night – to see the very cool, the very fun public art installation called Constellation."

Then, catching my mistake, I say: "D'oh! That's not right. It's called Congregation. Yes, Congregation. And, you need to bring your friends, too." 

Friday night I was there for the opening of the three-week run of this visual thrill with my husband and best friend, Paul, and his uber-hip daughter, Sarah, and her 2-year-old, sweet Evia. I'm not sure who had more fun. Evia watching and playing and running after the amazing light extravaganza, or me watching Evia watching and playing and running after the amazing light extravaganza. That's a total toss up. All I can say about Congregation is this: Don't miss it. Seriously... Don't.

Afterwards, Paul and I mosey over to SPACE gallery to check out the opening of the new Toby Fraley exhibit: The Secret Life of Robots. It's billed as "an unpolished look into the unseen, and often mundane, lives of robots." But, in reality it's, big big fun. And funny. And clever. And, well, just all-around awesome. From robot baby's first steps to robot going to robot heaven, Fraley has my vote as one of Pittsburgh's most ingenious artists. By the way, he's the one who brought the "Robot Repair Shop" across the street from Heinz Hall, before the robot escaped.  Fraley's new exhibit at SPACE is worth 10 times the 10 spot I dropped in the robotic donation box as we were leaving. It's that much fun. And more.

Next up on the weekend's playlist is a Sunday afternoon performance of one of my musical fave's Hamell on Trial, courtesy of The Sunday Gravy Show. The Sunday Gravy Show whaaaat, you ask? For those not familiar, The Sunday Gravy Show crashes neighborhoods to offer up national acts in an intimate setting – like 50 people max. It's a house concert like no other, for sure.

And, to see the one-man band of Hamell On Trial – who is described by a record label as "loud, fast music informed by politics, passion, energy and intelligence, played by a guy with a sharp tongue and a wicked sense of humor" – and described by me as "a madman musical poet," in the most fascinating of places (the living space of sculptor James Simon, above Simon's uptown studio) Well, Sunday's simply don't get much better than that.

So, yes. One weekend. And too much fun ;-)