#LovePGH Guest Blogger: Meet Kim!

We're so excited for you to meet Kim!

We're thrilled to have her as a regular Guest Blogger for the #LovePGH blog. She will be sharing some of her all-time favorite Pittsburgh hidden gems as well as exploring all the new and exciting bars and restaurants. She will also be sharing information about fitness/outdoor activities, the Pittsburgh live music scene, and some great date-night ideas. 

In Kim's words:

"During my life I have lived in and traveled to a number of places. I've woken up to the salty breeze coming in off a beach in Sydney, popped into cafes for shots of espresso in Italy, crossed town in the early morning hours to watch the Presidential Inauguration in our nation's capital. But nothing has and ever will compare to the feeling of driving down the parkway (even when you’re feeling like you’re in a parking lot) and being greeted by the Steel City skyline to start a new day.

I have a travel bug, a ridiculously large one at that, and know I will continue to find myself exploring new corners of the globe no matter where I am. I have a problem where I find it oddly impossible to sit still and plan on seeing as much of the world as I possibly can. But I couldn't be happier to now have my home base in my hometown and first love, Pittsburgh, PA.

Growing up, I was raised on black and gold, a sense of community and kindness, and a strong work ethic. I don't think I ever realized how thankful I was for this until I moved away. In Pittsburgh, this upbringing wasn't anything uncommon or rare. It's what we do. We work hard, we're kind to each other, and we know how to appreciate the things that matter. But in other places, I can tell you this isn't always the case. This among many reasons drew me back to Pittsburgh to call home.

While I can say I've grown up over the last few years living elsewhere, Pittsburgh has also clearly done the same. The city is full of possibilities - I may or may not have a running list of things and places I want to do in the city my boyfriend makes fun of me for - and it's only just beginning. We tend to find ourselves trying out new bars and restaurants that seem to be popping up every weekend or out exploring different hiking trails and parks. Our four-legged furry companion, Max, especially seems to enjoy the latter adventures. I also love exploring Pittsburgh's music scene. Whether it's a big-ticket concert coming to town or an open-mic night in a hole-in-the-wall bar, I can't ever get enough of live music. Or, for that matter, exploring anything and everything this incredible city has to offer."

We can't wait to hear more from Kim about her favorite Pittsburgh classics as well as her take on the Pittsburgh restaurant, fitness, and music scene. Stay tuned to the #LovePGH blog to follow her and get her recommendations!