Eight Reasons Why Pittsburgh is Cool at Subzero Temperatures

Winter in Pittsburgh is cool.

Have you seen Ithaca's tourism promoting a new campaign telling visitors to go Florida instead of their city because crummy weather in NY is a downer?

We agree that there aren't too many people on the streets of the Northeast bragging about how great it is frolicking in subzero temps, high winds, and -- for poor Boston-- piles (and piles and piles) of snow.

But we're not giving in here in mighty, beautiful Pittsburgh. No sir. We live here, we love it here, (even at 18 below zero) and we don't throw in the terrible towel that easily.

C'mon visitors from afar. Join us and find out for yourselves why Pittsburgh is cool at subzero:

1. The polar bears at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium are smiling.
Did you know that polar bears are the world's largest land predators? They have up to four inches of blubber to help keep them warm, and since they are naturally found in the planet's coldest environments, they feel quite at home in Pittsburgh right now!

2. You can almost walk across the ice-covered three rivers.
Ever wanted to literally walk on water?  Well, we don't recommend it. But now's your chance to watch the ever-moving three rivers slow down. It's a unique and beautiful sight.

Iron City Beer

3. That can of Iron City Beer you're grabbing stays colder longer.
Iron City beer has been around since 1850, and its first brewery was built on 17th Street overlooking the Strip District. It was sold at the Iron City Lager Beer Saloon at 137 Wood Street in downtown Pittsburgh, which is now the location of Point Park University. Forget all those other brews; we like our Iron cold.

4. Cuddling up a little closer to your fellow Duquesne Incline riders doesn't seem creepy.
One of Pittsburgh's most popular attractions, the Duquesne Incline scaling Mt. Washington has been open to the public since 1877. With one communal car to ride in and not too much heat except that which bodies provide, it's the perfect place to get close. And when you get to the top USA Today calls it one of "America's Most Stunning Views".

5. The ice inside CONSOL Energy Center feels like Nova Scotia to Sydney Crosby.
Known by NHL players as some of the softer ice in the league, CONSOL is feeling perfect to our skating Penguins right about now. Plan your trip to CONSOL using this helpful A-Z Guide and support the home team. #letsgopens!

6. The beard our mayor wore on "Undercover Boss" looks kind of appropriate.
Who wouldn't want a little extra hair to keep your face warm right about now? Pittsburghers are into facial hair, as the Steel City Beard and Mustache club and Brett Keisel (aka "Da Beard") will attest.

7. We're still nice to each other and smile with a shared sense of 'this won't last forever.'
In 2014, The Economist named Pittsburgh the most livable city in the country. Popular Pittsburgh agrees, stating that "Pittsburgh maintains an urban culture that is neighborly in the good old-fashioned, down to earth sense." Have you heard about the Pittsburgh hello? As blogger Gretel explains: "The Pittsburgh Hello is the most simple and basic of interactions, but it is fundamental to our local culture. It's a sign that everyone is welcome, that we're in this together, that strangers won't necessarily be strangers for long. This outward display of kindness and consideration is one of the things that makes Pittsburgh feel less like a city and more like a community."


Pittsburgh Pirates

8. Pitchers and catchers arrived at Pirates spring training... in Florida... but at least Bradenton is our sister city.
This year all our Buccos reported early to get a jump on training for a great season at PNC Park. When September comes, and the chill is in the air again, we hope all the work pays off.

So we say, Ithaca, you gotta be out of your minds! There's nothing better than Pittsburgh at sub-zero. Come visit us and let the snowbirds head to Florida!