Check It Out, Pittsburgh Won These Quirky Awards!

The accolades for Pittsburgh keep piling on.

Here's a roundup of the Top 10 latest and greatest when it comes to recent Pittsburgh recognition:

1. The Pittsburgh Left, that favorite local practice of making a left-hand turn just as the light turns green, received the Institute for Driving Efficiency's number two honor - right after drafting behind trucks. It should be noted that neither of these practices made any list of the National Traffic Safety Institute's recommended driving practices

Biking in Pittsburgh

2. Bike America named the new bike lanes that extends from Downtown through the Fort Pitt Tunnel to the Landside Terminal at Pittsburgh International Airport as the most controversial bike lane extension program ever in the country. This, however, will likely be bested when the Squirrel Hill Tunnel bike lane opens in 2017.

3. The zip line from Mount Washington to Heinz Field was named among the three most innovative fan experiences in the NFL by ESPN. It was only beat out by the all-you-can-eat "Cheese Seats" at Lambeau Field and all-you-can-smoke "Dope Seats" at Mile High stadium.

4. In a surprise announcement, the planners behind Art All Night - the no fee, no jury, no censorship communal annual art show in Lawrenceville, opted to charge Art All Night in Trenton, New Jersey, a fee for naming rights, thus earning Art All Night Lawrenceville the award for least hospitable art organization from the beleaguered All Good Names Must Pay Society.

5. The piling on of French fries upon sandwiches and salads received the James Beard Award for creative use of carbohydrates in cooking. Called the "How To Make a Good Thing Even Better Award," it specifically highlighted the Primanti's sandwich and Pittsburgh salad. When asked for reaction to the news, Cole Slaw said it would try harder.

6. WQED TV, former home of "Mister Roger's Neighborhood" and current home of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood," received the Reinventing Neighborhoods Award from the Anthropomorphic Society of America. Word is that Squirrel Hill is none too happy.

7. Kennywood, dubbed one of the world's finest traditional amusement parks, received a special mention from the Double Entendre Consortium of Multiple Meanings for being open. Check that!

8. The Weather Channel recognized the KDKA-TV Weather Beacon atop the Gulf Towers in its annual Indecipherable-To-Me Awards. At the awards ceremony, Weather Channel officials stated that the colorful beacon, while indecipherable, "sure does look pretty though."

Duquesne Incline

9. In a bold decision, the historic Duquesne Incline announced that, effective June 1, it would only take riders DOWN the mountainside, and would no longer take passengers UP to Mt. Washington, earning it the "WTF Award" from the Preservationist Society of America. Organizers behind the South Side StepTrek said this is not a ploy to get more trekkers for its annual step climb, which incidentally received no awards from the I'd Rather Be On My Couch Eating Fritos Society.

10. Pittsburghese-- as in "Yinz better red up the haus!" And "D'jeet yet?"-- was named as the nation's top original dialect by the Linguistic Society for the Understanding of A Peoples. Upon hearing the award, many yinzers said they were proud of their town. Or something to that effect.

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