9 MORE Must-See Pittsburgh Views

What can we say, Pittsburgh is scenic! We promised you more must-see views, and here they are. Be sure to check them out and share your photos with us using #LovePGH.

1. Herr's Island Overlook

View from Herrs Island

Herr's Island is located on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail up the Allegheny River from North Side and Downtown. This is one of my favorite overall vantage points of the city. Seeing the reflections upon the water of the skyscrapers is nothing short of breathtaking.

2. Upper South Side Flats

View from the Southside Flats

With the character of the traditional Pittsburgh neighborhood of South Side in the foreground, the view of the city from this spot is one of the most representative of Pittsburgh life. This location straddles the border of the South Side Flats and the South Side Slopes. The best place to get this view is from the railroad pedestrian crossing bridge on South 15th Street, over the Norfolk Southern railroad line. This line was once a part of the illustrious Pennsylvania Railroad.

3. Old Pennsylvania Railroad Station (Current Amtrak Station)

Any angle looking towards this grand building is sure to be stunning. This once served as a booming station and office epicenter of the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). While Amtrak is down to four trains a day, it still uses a few of the old platforms from the old PRR station, even though it no longer uses the main station building.

View from the Train Station

If you exit from the top platform of the station, you are greeted with this jaw-dropping view. This is a view that you do not want to miss.

Bonus: Going with the theme of rail, we will make a quick stop at the First Avenue T Station.

View from the T Station

The T is the Allegheny County Port Authority's regional light rail system that acts as a subway once it enters Downtown. Looking up and out of this station gives a beautiful view of the city's skyline. This section also dates back to the old Pennsylvania Railroad Panhandle Line, where the trains heading to Chicago and St. Louis, via Cincinnati, would cut through tunnels under Downtown Pittsburgh and cross out of Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle via the Panhandle Bridge. The right-of-way was sold to the Allegheny Port Authority in 1979 and the city's trolley system was taken off of the streets of downtown.

4. The Smithfield Street Bridge

View from the Smithfield St. Bridge

The Smithfield Street Bridge is the oldest river crossing in the city, with its opening dating back to 1883. It has been designated as both a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark and a National Historic Landmark. Great views of the city can be taken in from any place on, around, or underneath this ornate bridge.

5. Strip District and Lower Lawrenceville

View from the Strip District

The Strip District offers a fantastic vantage point of the Pittsburgh skyline. This is also one of the most city's eclectic neighborhoods, filled with a multitude of specialty markets, shops, and eateries.

View down Smallman Street

Looking down Smallman Street, from in front of St. Stanislaus Church and at the end of the old Pennsylvania Railroad Produce Terminal. Sunrise and sunset are phenomenal in this location thanks to the shadows cast by the early and late light of the day.

Doughboy Square

Doughboy Square is located at the nexus of Butler Street and Penn Avenue. This monument is dedicated to the memory of those who served in World War I and it looks over the Strip District and Downtown. The doughboy has taken in this view since 20,000 people showed up to dedicate it back in 1921. It was the first WWI monument dedicated in Pittsburgh, and possibly in the entire nation. This monument is located in a little parklet that is impossible to miss.

6. Allegheny River Walk and Allegheny Landing Park

View from the Allegheny River Walk

This section provides the most direct view of downtown that North Side has to offer, with it right on the banks of the Allegheny River. On a breezeless night, you can get a mirror-like reflection of the city on the waters of the mighty Allegheny. You get an unparalleled perspective of fireworks displays from this location. On warm summer nights, you will often see boaters and pontoons tied to the shoreline in this location. Baseball game days are especially exciting in this area. This is the kind of place that you can just find a place to sit somewhere and take in the scenery.

View of the Gulf Tower

You may have noticed that I really appreciate the beauty of the Gulf Tower!

7. North Shore - Mr. Rogers Monument

View from Mr. Rogers Statue

Heading down the Allegheny River to the start of the Ohio River, along the North Shore, will take you to a monument dedicated to one of my personal heroes, Mister Fred Rogers. This location delivers a majestic view of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

Mr. Rogers Watching Over Pittsburgh

8. The Mon Wharf

View from the Mon Wharf

We follow the geese and ducks to our next stop. Locals generally think of parking and flooding whenever the Mon Wharf is mentioned, but alongside the river is a scenic walkway. Visible from this walkway is Station Square, an entertainment complex made up of the area of the old Pennsylvania and Lake Erie Railroad station

9. Downtown...All Over!

Downtown Architecture

The Kopper's Building and Gulf Tower, with their ornate 1920s and 1930s Art Deco tops mixed into one. This specific vantage point on Grant Street gives one of the only views where these two tops are combined.

Stay tuned for even more must-see views soon!