5 Reasons You Can't Miss Thrival Innovation + Music Festival

Read on for 5 reasons that you can't miss Thrival Innovation + Music Festival this year in Pittsburgh.

What is Thrival?

The Thrival Innovation + Music Festival is an annual event featuring multiple days of immersive, innovation-focused programming capped by a two-day outdoor live music experience. The innovation-focused programs feature thought leaders, cutting edge technology, new ideas, and forward thinking approaches to 21st century challenges and are followed by a weekend concert featuring some of the best emerging national music acts and top-tier headliners. Quite simply, it's a can't miss event in Pittsburgh, so mark your calendar now for Sep 27-30. 

Thought Leadership

This year's Thrival Innovation theme is "Intelligence: Humans X Tech". After all, there's no hotter topic in Pittsburgh, where we're testing driverless cars, researching artificial intelligence at our universities, founding startups and working for tech giants. Thrival Innovation is about the future, and they want you to be a part of it.

Carrie Furnaces

Thrival Music is held at Carrie Furnaces, a Rivers of Steel heritage site in stark contrast to the festival's futuristic theme. Carrie Furnaces produced iron for the Homestead Works from 1907 to 1978. Furnaces 6 and 7, which reached peak production in the 1950s and 1960s with 1000-1250 tons of iron each day, were designated in National Historic Landmarks in 2006. And now you can rock out with a music festival at this historic site, thanks to Thrival Music.

Star-Studded Speakers

If you could grab a bite to eat with any corporate executive, who would you choose? Joel Lunenfeld, Twitter's Vice President for Global Brand Strategy? John Battelle, the founder and CEO of WIRED Magazine? Or Rasu Shrestha, UPMC's Chief Innovation Officer? Here's the catch: You don't have to choose. Thrival Innovation means spending two days with these and even more VIPs from leading global companies.

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East End Hosts

Explore the best locations in Pittsburgh's East End, from Oakland to Larimor to East Liberty. Get excited for programming, happy hours and networking opportunities at Ace Hotel, panel discussions at Kelly-Strayhorn Theater and plenary sessions and roundtables in Bakery Square. Top off your weekend with a marquee evening event at Carnegie Museum of Art, which will highlight artificial intelligence demonstrations, interactive exhibits and a keynote talk.

Logic & Wiz Khalifa

Okay, so maybe this one is technically two...but the point is, you don't want to experience these performances only through your friends' Snapchat stories. Throw in Carnage and Two Door Cinema Club and you'll be feeling like Coachella in no time (at less than a fifth of the price tag!)

Check out more about Thrival on their website, and book your tickets now to make your personal bucket list for this year's Thrival Innovation + Music Festival.