10 Things to Seriously Look Forward To in 2015

It's a balmy 15 degrees as I write waiting for spring to well, spring.

So I'm trying to think of some warm thoughts that will get me through the next 67 or so days before the Pirates' play their home opener. Here's the short list of things I am most def looking forward to while this blasted winter plays its sick little tricks with us.

  1. Pirates playing ball again at PNC Park. I'm spoiled 'cause my husband is an utter sports junkie, so when we go to a Pirates' game, we usually get to sit in these incredible seats that are practically on the field. Bonus is that Primanti's is located right behind our Section 10 seats. Let's go, Bucs! Seriously, let's go, Bucs!
  2. An outing to Bunnyland. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just imagine: inflatable bunnies. Then imagine THOUSANDS of 'em! Every year or two we make a pilgrimage to the West Mifflin area to see Ruth Antoncic's outdoor display of bunnies gone wild. It takes the Bunny Lady, as I call her, about six weeks to prepare for the incredible display of inflatables, and is usually ready for visitors 10 days before Easter.
  3. Art All Night. No fee. No jury. No censorship. No kidding. Art All Night is a bona fide Pittsburgh tradition. Always held during the last weekend in April, it is a spring passage here just as turning your clocks ahead. Anyone and everyone is invited to submit one and only one piece of art to be hung in a temporary art gallery (read: warehouse) for the one-day only event. It's Pittsburgh at its best.
  4. Pittsburgh Marathon, that is, the Dick's Sporting Good Pittsburgh Marathon, takes off on Sunday, May 3. For me, the Bloomfield stretch along Liberty Avenue is the best. Though I really should begin training now for all that cowbell ringing. And that big walk up the hill.
  5. Three Rivers Arts Festival, (make that the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival) and the WYEP Summer Music Festival. Both in June. Both way cool. Free music never had it so good. (With the exception of No. 7 perhaps.)
  6. Doo Dah Days at Allegheny Cemetery come every July. Because there's nothing like a good party in a big, beautiful old cemetery to honor a 'beautiful dreamer,' way-cool home boy like Stephen Foster. De Camptown ladies sing dis song, Doo dah! Doo dah!
  7. Outside of Stage AE to hear Guster (4/17), They Might Be Giants (5/17) and Belle and Sebastion (6/14). Look for two middle-aged hipster wanna be's sitting on a nearby bench taking in the sounds. Emphasis on sitting. Oh, and it's super free. Now, if we can just do something about those Canada geese.
  8. Anthrocon (aka 'The Furries) will be back in the 'Burgh July 9-12. Hands (paws?) down, it's some of the best umm people watching there is. Check out this vid from last year's Fursuit Parade...

  9. The Vintage Grand Prix in Schenley Park. It's billed as the country's largest vintage race and the only one held on city streets. It is a site to behold; and Race Weekend (July 18 & 19) is primo. I'll be packing a picnic to watch as these super old, super cool cars spin through Serpentine Drive -- truly a blast from the past. Now, if I can just find that 1967 Mustang that's calling my name...
  10. Riding the new Bike Lane downtown. Yep, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it. Now that there's a dedicated bike lane on Penn Avenue that extends between the 16th Street (David McCullough) Bridge to Sixth Street (Roberto Clemente) Bridge, my three-mile commute to this here work office just got a whole lot safer. I'll be ready for that marathon yet!

So that's THAT! Now, if we can just make it through February!
Lynne Glover can be reached at lynne.glover@visitpittsburgh.com. Follow her on Twitter @LynneG_VSTPGH.