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Speakers Bureau

​Need a speaker for your next event?

Members of the VisitPittsburgh executive team frequently speak at community events and to membership organizations about Travel and Tourism Matters to Pittsburgh and Allegheny County and about Pittsburgh's Great Revitalization: The Best of the World.  If you would like a speaker for your group of 50 or more, contact Shirley Mueller at  Please give a minimum of three week's notice. Certain restrictions apply.

Travel and Tourism Matters

The tourism and travel industry is a significant force in economic development, representing over $5.3 billion in direct spending in our region. Pittsburgh has garnered attention over the last several years from national and international media, as well as governments, corporations and arts and nonprofit groups.

As a member of the leadership team for VisitPittsburgh, the official convention sales and tourism marketing organization for the region, our presenter will show and tell you why the VisitPittsburgh team has been successful in attracting conventions, meetings and tourists. The presentation includes beautiful photos, video and informative statistics, as well as endorsements from nationally known third-parties, to demonstrate why tourism helps to energize our economy, reputation and quality of life.

Pittsburgh's Great Revitalization

Pittsburgh has grown from a Rust Belt city to becoming a benchmark for the rest of the world for economic revitalization and environmental sustainability. As a result, the city has garnered many accolades from the news media, and even President Barak Obama. The city was named by National Geographic Traveler as one of 20 Best of the World Places to Visit in 2012 and has been repeatedly named America's Most Livable City. This presentation will highlight the community investment in arts and culture over the last 30 years and showcase the many places there are to see and things to do in and around the area.

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