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Welcome to Pittsburgh! What do you want to do first? Not sure yet? Well what about plans for tomorrow? …Well you still have time to decide… Where are you staying? You haven't booked a hotel yet?!?!

Speakers Bureau

​Need a speaker for your next event?

Members of the VisitPITTSBURGH team are available to speak at community events and to various organizations, free of charge, about the travel and tourism industry in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. The presentation will highlight Pittsburgh's revitalization: from Steel City to Smart City, development in the arts and culture scene and showcase the many things to see and do, all while demonstrating what makes Pittsburgh a great city to live, work and visit.


  • Speaker requests must be made a minimum of three weeks in advance. 
  • All final details must be submitted to VisitPITTSBURGH one week prior to the presentation date for final confirmation of date, time, audio-visual needs, audience numbers and any additional pertinent details.

If you would like a speaker for your group of 25 or more, contact Kristin Wenger, communications director, at

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