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Frank Lloyd Wright

The Laurel Highlands, just 60 minutes from Pittsburgh, is home to three Frank Lloyd Wright masterpieces, all of which are open to the public.


Called "The best all-time work of American architecture" by the American Institute of Architects, and named one of "50 Places of a Lifetime" by National Geographic, Fallingwater is located 90 minutes south of Pittsburgh in the idyllic Laurel Highlands. The house is dramatically cantilevered over a waterfall and widely considered to be Wright's most sublime integration of man and nature. Fallingwater is open daily, except for Wednesday, mid-March through November. In-depth, self-guided grounds and children's tours available. Advanced ticket purchase or reservations are essential.

Duncan House

Wright-designed Duncan House at Polymath Park Resort is nestled deep in the heart of the Laurel Highlands in Acme, Pa., about 90 minutes from Pittsburgh. It is one of only four Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the U.S. that offers overnight lodging. The house's floor plan includes Wright's trademark open living/dining area with a natural stone fireplace as its focal point. Recessed lighting, built-in cabinetry and geometric styling are obvious throughout the home. Natural colors and fabrics are used to reflect Wright's dedication to the preservation of nature and its integration with indoor spaces. Polymath Park Resort is situated on more than 100 tranquil and scenic wooded acres including miles of hiking trails and a peaceful reflecting pond. The Duncan House Polymath Park Resort is just 15 miles from Fallingwater and 30 miles from Kentuck Knob. The resort also includes the Balter and Blum Houses, built for Pittsburgh industrialists by Wright apprentice Peter Berndtson.

Kentuck Knob

Two-thousand glorious feet above the Youghiogheny River sits yet another Frank Lloyd Wright masterwork. Settled in the crest of the hill-this culmination of organic architecture and elegant living space makes the home appear as if it were one with the mountain. Tidewater red cypress and native fieldstone are its core elements. A completely functional kitchen is central to the foundations architectural design, while stonewalls anchor this privately owned residence. The rest of the open floor plan utilizes cantilevered overhangs and a great expanse of glass that make you feel as though you're one with nature. A large outdoor sculpture garden is also present on the grounds.

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